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Terra Classic Data Summary

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LUNC in community pool 5,032,513,443 USTC in community pool 11,819,497
Total LUNC supply 6,796,620,431,607 Total USTC supply 8,962,235,416
Circulating LUNC supply 6,791,587,918,165 Circulating USTC supply 8,962,235,416
Minus Staking 5,779,971,034,649
Bonded Staking 964,914,535,171
Unbonded Staking 46,702,348,345
Latest Block 17,683,828 Transactions on that block 2
Average USD per LUNC $0.00010213 Average USD per USTC $0.017887

Numbers are rounded (except currency).

All information on this page is retrieved from and I am in no way affiliated with Terraform Labs and provide this for information purposes only. I hope to expand the informaton in the future when I get time, but for now it gives everyone a place to look for collected Terra Classic snapshot data. The 'Minus Staking' amount under 'Circulating LUNC supply deducts Bonded and Unbonded tokens from the overall Curculating supply. Bonded tokens are Staked tokems. Unbonded tokens are Unstaked tokens that are not yet available in the wallet.
Dates in orange are calculated using block times from the previous 96hr period and are re-evaluated every minute.
Please feel free to take screenshots. This data is freely available and can be used for private and commercial purposes without permission.

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